Call for proposals for Bilateral Initiatives under Education Component 

Project ID

Project title


Project grant



BIN BF02_2021_004

Teaching Evidence-Based Research with a Focus on Ambient Assisted Living

Univerzita Komenského

v Bratislave

9 767,00 €



BIN BF02_2021_007 Science at School in Iceland and Slovakia

Spojená škola, Novohradská 3,


9 384,00 € contract completed
BIN BF02_2021_008 Green Energy in Education

Súkromná stredná odborná škola

polytechnická DSA, Nitra

9 958,00 € contract completed
BIN BF02_2021_010 Be a Left-over Lover!

Stredná odborná škola gastronómie

a služieb, Prešov

9 970,00 € contract active
BIN BF02_2021_009 New Digital School

Súkromná stredná odborná škola

DSA, Trebišov

9 465,00 € contract completed


Call for proposals for International Mobility between Higher Education Institutions, Upper-secondary Schools and Private Sector BIN SGS03

Project ID Project title Beneficiary Project grant Contract Status
BIN SGS03_2022_002

Smart Systems as a Tool to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Green Industrial Technologies

Žilinská univerzita v Žiline 199 944,20 € contract active
BIN SGS03_2022_001 Bergen to Bratislava: Knowledge and Human Capital Exchange

Univerzita Komenského

v Bratislave

176 393,25 € contract active
BIN SGS03_2022_003

Raising Excellence in Research and Project Management and Administration

through Close Cooperation

Slovenská technická univerzita

v Bratislave

178 808,00 € contract active


Call for proposals for Institutional Cooperation between Higher Education Institutions, Upper-secondary Schools and Private Sector BIN SGS02

Project ID Project title Beneficiary Project grant Contract Status
BIN SGS 02_2021_003

Urban and community sustainability in planning

and architecture

Slovenská technická univerzita

v Bratislave

200 000,00 € contract active
BIN SGS 02_2021_009

Interactive digital tools in practical vocational


Súkromná stredná odborná škola DSA 197 463,70 € contract active
BIN SGS 02_2021_005

Innovative education as a tool to reflect labour market

needs and environmental challenges

Stredná odborná škola gastronómie a služieb,


198 472,20 € contract active
BIN SGS 02_2021_001

Green innovations in student final theses and

semestral projects

Slovenská technická univerzita

v Bratislave

185 342,75 € contract active
BIN SGS02_2021_007

Development of modern engineering educational program

in the field green intelligent manufacturing

Žilinská univerzita v Žiline 199 647,95 € contract active
BIN SGS02_2021_011 Circular Society Challenges in the Economy 4.0

Vysoká škola ekonómie a manažmentu

v Bratislave, s. r. o.

186 900,00 € contract active
BIN SGS02_2021_013

Research and Implementation of Green Innovations in

Landscape Architecture

Slovenská poľnohospodárska univerzita

v Nitre

179 175,00 € contract active
BIN SGS02_2021_002 University Enhancing the Smart Active Aging Univerzita sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Trnave 156 366,00 € contract active
BIN SGS02_2021_008 Ready for 21st Century

Stredná odborná škola techniky a služieb,

Pod amfiteátrom 7, Levice

158 850,00 € contract active
BIN SGS02_2021_010 Future Innovations in Teaching Science Today Spojená škola, Novohradská 3, Bratislava 47 030,00 € contract active
BIN SGS02_2021_004 Education Content Engineering Hub

Slovenská technická univerzita

v Bratislave

200 000,00 € contract active


Call for Proposals on the Support of Innovation and Business Development BIN 02

Project ID Project title Beneficiary Project grant Contract Status
BIN 02_2021_002 Bridging the gap for people with food restrictions - Safe Food BA Solar, s.r.o. 764 625,94 € contract active
BIN 02_2021_024 Applied research for the improvement of acoustic properties of mobile noise barriers BAMIDA s.r.o. 1 197 225,50 € contract active
BIN 02_2021_025 Competitiveness of the company by purchasing new technology ELEKTRO RECYCLING, s.r.o. 202 500,00 € contract active


Call for Proposals on the Support of Innovation and Business Developmen BIN 01

Project ID Project title   Beneficiary Project grant Contract Status
BIN 01_2021_013 Oversen - keep an eye on your beloved seniors   EMM, s.r.o. 486 551,10 € contract active
BIN 01_2021_017

Ecologization of tyre bead production by technological innovations

in machinery and processes

  VIPO, a.s.  703 073,50 €  contract active 
BIN 01_2021_007  Ecological CNG in industry and logistics   LUBEX, s.r.o. 383 551,00 € contract  active 
BIN 01_2021_012

Research and development activities of innovative technology 

of intelligent cultivation line

  REVOL TT Consulting, s.r.o. 1 388 112,73 € contract active
BIN 01_2021_005 Clean electro charging   MARTEL Trade s.r.o. 574 288,66 € contract active
BIN 01_2021_016 Innovation of plastic waste recycling system   Greentech Slovakia s.r.o. 200 000,00 € contract terminated
BIN 01_2021_015 Community ERP in Cloud   Asseco Solutions, a.s. 883 149,20 € contract active
BIN 01_2021_001 Digital energy service platform   KOOR, s.r.o. 865 831,83 € contract active
BIN 01_2021_009

Research of mobile zero waste technology for regeneration of used sorbents

from industry

  DEKONTA Slovensko, spol. s r.o. 433 674,50 € contract terminated
BIN 01_2021_024

Innovation of the production process of the natural thermal and acoustic insulation

from sheep wool

  Wool Style s. r. o. 416 949,06 € contract active
BIN 01_2021_021 Micro Pirana   ROEZ, s.r.o. 372 750,00 € contract active
BIN 01_2021_020 Integrated system of active preventive home care for the elderly and chronically ill a. s. 804 361,02 € contract active
BIN 01_2021_010 Development of Smart Furniture with Artificial Intelligence and Medical Devices   NOVOTA ART, s.r.o. 1 874 679,71 € contract active
BIN 01_2021_003

ELDIS-SOCIO (Digitalisation for ELderly and persons with DISabilities

in SOCIal services)

  WELLNEA s. r. o., r. s. p. 1 457 009,18 € contract active


Small Grant Scheme Support of Newly Established Businesses (start-ups) BIN SGS01

Project ID Project title Beneficiary Project grant Contract Status
BIN SGS01_2020_023  Energy savings and a better environment for children with attendance analysis Zachráň včely, s.r.o.  154 350 € contract  completed
BIN SGS01_2020_012 SELITEX - Second Life for Textile WAKIVAKY, j.s.a.  194 787 € contract active 
BIN SGS01_2020_026  Replacement of Obsolete Wave Energy for the third generation niore Energy, s.r.o.  159 750 €  contract  active 
BIN SGS01_2020_003 mFIRES – Modular First Responder Information System INTELLOPE, s.r.o.  169 569 €  contract  completed 
BIN SGS01_2020_010 Predictive telemedicine platform for senior populations S-Case s. r. o. 140 418 € contract terminated
 BIN SGS01_2020_030  Green roof, energy and water flow model Sky Gardens,  s.r.o.   144 513 €  contract  terminated
BIN SGS01_2020_005 OPATRIO: Web-based application for home care service management PROROZVOJ, s. r. o. 160 488 € contract active
 BIN SGS01_2020_011 Innovative lighting solutions made of solid wood and natural materials s.r.o. 166 176 € contract active




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