Welfare Technology and Ambient Assisted Living

This part of the Programme will not pre-determine  topics for open calls for proposals. Projects can be focused on areas such as: telemedicine, biotechnologies, robotics and automatized technologies, product development and innovation, which shall help people with different disabilities, products for monitoring of life functions, which may be suitable for the use in households, systems used in households for medical care of chronic ill persons, technologies for smart houses, intelligent textile fabrics or ICT systems, etc. 

Projects are supported trough calls for proposals:

BIN SGS01 - Small Grant Scheme for Support of newly established businesses (start-ups) financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

BIN 01 – Open Call for prosals on the support of innovation and business development, financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and BIN 02 -  Open Call for prosals on the support of innovation and business development, financed by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism. 

Searching for a potential project partners, preparation of common project with partners from donor states and partnership development is supported trough Fund for Bilateral relations.



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