Research Agency as the Program Operator of the Business Development, Innovation and SMEs programme informs potential applicants about the editorial correction of the Call BIN 01. On June 29, 2021, the European Commission registered the State Aid Scheme for supporting business development and innovation as amended by Addendum No.1 and registers it under the number SA.63743. Based on the regulation of the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic, it is necessary to use the registration number assigned by the Commission. Given that the notification of the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic was announced after the publication of the Call BIN 01, the Program Operator proceeds to the editorial correction No.1 of this technical error of the Call BIN 01 and all its annexes and related documents, where the original texts State Aid Scheme SA.61867 changes to State Aid Scheme as amended by Addendum No. 1 SA.63743 and State Aid Scheme for supporting business development and innovation, as amended by Addendum No. 1 SA.61867 changes to State Aid Scheme for supporting business development and innovation as amended by Addendum No. 1 SA.63743.


Research Agency as a Program Operator of the Business Development, Innovation and SMEs programme has launched the Call for proposals to Support the Innovation and Business Development (call code: BIN01) financed by the Norway Grants and the state budget of the Slovak Republic. The Call aims to support small, medium and large enterprises within two main programme areas: Green Industry Innovation and Welfare Technology and Ambient Assisted Living. Funding will be provided for the projects that contribute to the development and establishment of innovative technologies, processes and products, and bring significant benefits, such as employment growth, reduction of CO2 emissions and waste production, use of new materials, intelligent construction solutions etc. In the area of welfare technologies, establishment of products and services that help elderly and people with disabilities, systems for vital functions monitoring and technologies for medical care suitable for households, intelligent textiles etc., can be supported.

Within the Call it is possible to apply for a grant starting from 200,000 € up to 2 000,000 €. The amount of 11 578 235 € is allocated for this Call. Deadline for the Call closure is 17 September 2021. The Grant Application shall be submitted in English via electronic system egrant available on our webpage. More information is available on webpage:


Research Agency, the Programme operator (PO) for the „Business Development, Innovation and SMEs programme“ announces call for expert evaluators in order to build database of experts who will be evaluating project proposals in this programme period. The PO aims to put transparent, objective and high quality evaluation process of submitted project proposals in place. The PO is accepting applications from interested candidates on rolling basis. More information can be found in Slovak on this link


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